Good Canine Foundation Training courses are offered four times a year and take place over a period of 8 weeks. You will join other students to form a Cohort for a shared experience while you learn!

1: Enrollment date through February 14th - Welcome and Orientation.  During this time it is important to make a commitment to the calendar below and purchase your equipment (more on that in this lesson).

2: February 15 through February 21 - Lesson Group 1:  This group of lessons includes a wide range, from Understanding a Dog's Brain to Body Language to Dog Myths. This group also includes understanding Hierarchy, Crate Training, Housebreaking, and starting to walk using a leash.

3: February 22 through March 7 - Lesson Group 2:  This group of lessons builds upon what you have previously learned, but adds WAIT, a critical lesson for all of the material covered thus far, and going forward. This lesson will also review crate training and loose leash walking.

4: March 8 through March 14 - Lesson Group 3: This group of lessons introduces the LEAVE IT command, Public Etiquette, and how these two items relate to your dog. This lesson also reviews Loose Leash Walking.

5. March 15 through March 21 - Lesson Group 4:  This group of lessons introduces Sit and includes video exercises and an audio podcast on the topic. 

6. March 22 through March 28 - Lesson Group 5:  This final group of lessons will introduce the DOWN command and a review of the entire Foundation program. Upon conclusion, you will have the opportunity to print a completion certificate!