Foundation Training

Good Canine Foundation Training will take you step-by-step through many important elements of dog training.  Behavior training is more than getting your dog to SIT and STAY; it’s about understanding your dog’s instincts and how he thinks, what he understands when you give a command, and how you can develop respect and trust from and for your dog.

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Section 0: Welcome and Orientation

This section will introduce you to the equipment and basic vocabulary needed to be successful in this course. You’ll learn about why some popular dog-training equipment actually inhibits your pet’s ability to learn, why Linda Konrad recommends the products that she does, and how she finds success training dogs without treats, clickers, or shock collars.

Section 1: WEEK 1-2

Two weeks of this course will be devoted to section one. In this section, you’ll get a glimpse into how your dog’s brain works, how they express those thoughts through body language, and how you can establish hierarchy in your home. In addition, you’ll learn the basics of loose leash walking, crate training, “QUIET”, and gain helpful advice about housebreaking your pup.

Section 2: WEEK 3-4

In this section, you will learn the “WAIT” command and how to communicate it to your dog. You will also review the materials covered in the week prior to making sure that your pet retaining the training thus far.

Section 3: WEEK 5-6

After learning the basics of loose leash walking and a few commands, your dog is ready to learn the more advanced steps of loose leash walking and how to respect their surroundings. This section will teach you how to enact the “FAST”, “SLOW” and “LEAVE IT” commands. You’ll also learn all about right-hand turns, establishing physical boundaries in your home, and the basics of canine public etiquette.

Section 4: WEEK 7

This section will predominantly focus on reviewing the material in Loose Leash Walking 1 and 2. You will also learn the “SIT” command and how to effectively communicate it with your pet.

Section 5: WEEK 8

The final section of this course will focus on the “DOWN” and “STAY” commands. As they are considered two of the more difficult commands, you will also be reviewing past materials to make sure your dog remains focused and in front brain throughout the whole process.

Course Completion

Upon completing the course, you will have the opportunity to download a certificate and join the community of successful students and their dogs as a Good Canine Foundation Training course graduate. You will now enjoy discounts on future courses and repeat courses, as well as other opportunities as they become available.