Foundation Training

Good Canine Foundation Training will take you step-by-step through many important elements of dog training.  Behavior training is more than getting your dog to SIT and STAY; it’s about understanding your dog’s instincts and how he thinks, what he understands when you give a command, and how you can develop respect and trust from and for your dog.

Watch Intro Video

Intro Module

In the Introduction Module, you will meet instructor Linda Konrad. Linda will explain how the dog's brain works, how they fit into your family, and why her signature method of foundation training is successful without treats, clickers, pinch collars, or shock collars.

Module One

In Module One Linda will cover what equipment she recommends and why other pieces of equipment will not work as well. She will introduce part one of the loose leash walking principles, crate training, and the commands HEEL and WAIT.

Module Two

In Module Two, Linda will expand on the loose leash training and walking principles including right about turns, left about turns, and the commands FAST and SLOW. She will also discuss setting boundaries and the command OFF.

Module Three

In Module Three, Linda will teach advanced loose leash walking principles including the commands SIT, LEAVE IT, and FREE. Also included is a bonus video on best practices on housebreaking your pet.

Module Four

In Module Four, you will learn the commands DOWN and QUIET. You will also learn how to desensitize your dog, randomize your schedule, and how to read your dog's body language.

Module Five

In Module Five, Linda will teach the command STAY, dog park etiquette, and give insight into the instincts of different breeds.

Module Six

In Module Six, Linda will cover the command HERE and recalls. You'll also learn best practices for taking your pet into public places including shopping, restaurants, festivals, etc. At the completion of Good Canine Foundation Training, you can apply for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification.